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Acqua Extesa

Acquastop Extesa is a simple and functional system which protects against flooding, thanks to a fully mobile barrier which can be applied whenever required, by anyone, in just a few seconds. Whether you stay or leave the home, Acquastop Extesa is the anti-flooding system which will give you peace of mind in the event of prolonged flooding.

Adjustable Width

The distinguishing feature of the Extesa range is its width-adjustment mechanism. This means the Flood barrier can be fitted perfectly to any door, gate, rolling shutter or any other openings.

Available In Various Sizes

Choose the Perfect Fit! Our floodgate solutions are Available in Various Sizes to cater to diverse property dimensions and flood protection needs. Find the ideal match for your home or public space, ensuring comprehensive flood resilience.

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Simple and quick to apply

The exclusive EasyStop system enables rapid and correct Flood barrier installation. The special rotation and securing system enables barrier extension and seal compression, guaranteeing watertight hold against water. The barrier can be installed by anyone and is just as easy to remove and store, ready for use the next time.

Excellent watertight hold

Thanks to its construction concept and seal compression system, the Flood barrier Extesa guarantees excellent hold against flooding.