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Anti Flooding Systems Since 1992

We have been making anti-flooding barriers since 1992. Over the years we have constantly improved the performance of our products, with the achievement of significant results in terms of reliability and simplicity of use.

Why Choose Us?

Our barriers distinguish themselves in virtue of two fundamental characteristics: the absence of fitted guides and simple application. The application of our barriers does not require the installation of fitted guides, profiles, fixing holes, columns or building work: they fit directly onto the existing wall, against the opening. This is an important characteristic, because metal elements against ways of access are a potential hazard, not to mention an aesthetic problem.

In order to simplify barrier application, we have studied and developed the EasyStop system, an exclusive technology enabling quick and correct barrier positioning. This patented system enables anyone to apply the barrier whenever required and remove it just as easily.
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Costantino Trillo

A Message From The Chairman

“Each day we work towards the same objective, to give peace of mind to anyone who has suffered flooding at home or at their business premises, with the guaranteed certainty that they are safe.”

100% Made in Italy production

Acquastop is an Italian company and produces entirely in Italy and now we have started our operations in UAE as well. Acquastop products are the culmination of brilliance and constant research into improvement, distinguishing qualities of our engineering and technical staff.

Sales network in Italy, Europe, USA, Middle East, and Asia

Since 1992, we have grown constantly over the years, creating a network of authorised installers, directly selected and trained by the company, based up and down the country and beyond. Today Acquastop relies on a network of over two hundred authorised retailers who guarantee a prompt and professional service.