Integra Line

Flood barrier for complete closure of ways of access.

Integral closure for all ways of access to protect premises from flooding

Integra barriers are designed to provide integral protection for ways of access to lower ground floor building premises. They are fitted with seals along the entire edge and are supplied with an outer frame consisting of a Threshold Profile fitted with a stop (accessory A05000), for effective watertight barrier hold.

They are used to protect doors, windows, hoppers and drainage grids and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on foot traffic. In the case of horizontal assembly, such as for drainage grids, a Z-shaped stainless steel frame is used.

Simple and quick to apply

The exclusive EasyStop system enables rapid and correct flood barrier installation. The special rotation and securing system enables barrier extension and seal compression, guaranteeing watertight hold against water. The barrier can be installed by anyone and is just as easy to remove and store, ready for use the next time

Reliable and resistant

Acquastop Integra with complete closure is a lightweight, resistant and reliable barrier. Tests carried out by Istituto Giordano, one of the most authoritative laboratories in Italy, certified the total absence of leakage in a 120×240 cm barrier exposed to a 240 cm water head.

Tested under extreme conditions

The Integra barrier, horizontally positioned to protect drainage grids and hoppers, provides excellent resistance against pressure. A 100 x 205 cm barrier was tested against 4.9 T of water, the equivalent of a Hammer being parked on top.