Modular Line

Modular Line Flood barrier with stackable staves.

The Modular barrier is a removable anti-flooding system with modular stackable staves, side guides and compression levers. Once the side guides are installed, the staves are positioned one on top of another, up to desired project height; height modularity makes it possible to add just the right number of staves required for protection. Compression levers fitted onto the guides ensure effective stave adherence

Designed for large flooding fronts

The Modular barrier is designed to protect large flooding fronts. The standard barrier is available in a maximum width of 350 cm and up to 220 cm in height, however it enables the series composition of several barriers with the use of special tensioning shafts, for the protection of large flooding fronts.

Excellent watertight hold

Thanks to its construction concept and seal compression system, the Flood barrier Modular guarantees excellent watertight hold against flooding.

Modular for large spaces

For the protection of premises with very large entrances, various barriers from the Modular Range can be joined together thanks to the stainless steel tensioning shaft accessory. These shafts are used to connect two separate barriers in the event the entrance opening exceeds maximum applicability measurements of a single barrier.