Acquastop ® anti-flooding bulkheads to protect farmhouses, country houses, farms, chalets and cottages

Reading time: minutesFlooding phenomena in rural areas are triggered by factors different from those that occur in urban areas, the type of flooding is different and the progression towards normality is also different. Let’s examine the main aspects and tools to limit the damage.


Unlike urban areas, where flooding occurs mainly due to water leaking from sewers, the countryside is usually flooded by rainwater or runoff water.

During heavy rains or storms, such as those that characterize the climate of recent years, rainwater can accumulate quickly in the ground with little chance of being absorbed. Water flows over the surface of the ground towards the lowest points, such as fields, ditches or streams, its level constantly rises and accumulates in certain areas. In these cases the streams represent a danger because, receiving the water flows from the area, they fill quickly. If they exceed their natural banks they flood the surrounding areas.

It is obvious that care for the land, drainage channels, vegetation and good maintenance of waterways can limit flooding phenomena, protecting both properties and the surrounding environment but in some cases, especially when events occur extreme weather and other circumstances converge simultaneously or in rapid succession, flooding may become unavoidable despite preventative measures.

Precisely because of the difficulty of predicting these phenomena and the significant variation from one year to the next, it is correct to adopt some preventive measures to protect buildings such as farmhouses and country houses from flooding which, although not completely eliminating the risks, can, in many cases, avoid significant damage.

Anti-flooding bulkheads are one of the simplest, most widespread and reliable systems to prevent water from entering rooms, barriers that are positioned to protect critical access points to homes such as doors and windows. Flood barriers can be installed permanently or temporarily, before the arrival of an imminent flood event.

We therefore want to quickly present a selection of Acquastop ® products that are widely used, effective and easy to use. These products are designed to provide reliable protection against flooding and help keep homes safe.

Acquastop ® Classic is the line of robust and versatile anti-flooding bulkheads , made to the size of the entrance to be protected. This bulkhead has been specifically designed to protect homes, garages, warehouses, villas and gardens from flooding. Thanks to its lightness and the patented EasyStop ® positioning system, anyone can position the bulkhead quickly and correctly. The bulkhead is placed on one side of the opening and, thanks to pressure on a lever, it extends to cover the entire width of the compartment, correctly compressing the seals.

The Acquastop ® Classic anti-flooding bulkheads are aesthetically pleasing , thanks to the satin finish, the corrugated external panel and the precise construction, they can be placed in any architectural context without negatively influencing the aesthetics of the construction. Classic barriers can be finished in various colors and shades, to best harmonize with the surrounding environment.

With the same characteristics and quality of the Classic line, Acquastop ® has developed a particular line of anti-flood bulkheads characterized by its adjustable width . Extesa ® is an innovative barrier that allows you to independently adjust the size without the intervention of professionals or specialized installers. Setting up the bulkhead is simple and can be done in a short time, these aspects have made the ” do-it-yourself anti-flooding bulkhead ” one of the most requested Acquastop ® products on the market.

Another very popular product line is that of anti-flooding gates . In this case it is a permanent protection of areas and rooms which, due to their position, are subject to frequent flooding. Classic Swing ® gates avoid having to continuously position and remove bulkheads and are made with single or double leaves, according to conditions or needs.

In rural homes it is common to find basement rooms, cellars or warehouses which due to their position are subject to total flooding. To protect these spaces, Acquastop ® has designed Integra , a special line of bulkheads capable of covering the entire access area, hermetically closing the room. They are positioned and removed like normal barriers but can also be supplied in the Swing version , i.e. equipped with hinges and locks which transforms them into real anti-flood doors .

Large openings such as entrances to the property, access to the farmyard or driveways must be protected with larger barriers. For these situations, Modular was designed , the removable anti-flooding system with stackable slats with lateral guides. The slats are placed one on top of the other until the desired height is reached, a solution designed to protect large flood fronts and which allows, thanks to the slat system, the barrier to be set up even by a single person. They are made up to a maximum width of 350 centimeters (and a height of 220 centimeters); once this width is exceeded, several barriers are joined in series thanks to the insertion of removable section-breaking posts.

Each access to the home presents different critical issues, which is why the most suitable and effective products must be used and the most suitable and effective solutions adopted. It is of fundamental importance to always request an inspection by a qualified professional who will carefully evaluate the situation and suggest the most suitable solution. Acquastop ® technicians are experts specialized in tackling the challenges related to flooding, offering standard or customized solutions. I am able to provide answers for the most common situations or study customized solutions to address complex problems.

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