Acquastop anti-flooding bulkheads to protect historic buildings and prestigious buildings.

Reading time: minutesBuildings such as churches, museums, monuments, castles and ancient homes represent a heritage of inestimable value and flooding, especially for these properties, constitutes one of the most devastating destructive events.

Protecting these buildings from flooding is a delicate intervention that requires professionalism and experience. Acquastop ® has carried out numerous anti-flooding protection interventions on ancient structures, creating reliable solutions, also designed with the aid of advanced technologies.


The main problems encountered in this type of property are represented by the irregularity of the walls where the protective barriers must rest. In many cases it is not only the lack of perpendicularity with the base but also irregularities caused by the movements of the structure over time, by water erosion or parts of the structure that have failed and are missing.

Furthermore, the entrances of these buildings are often delimited by columns with shaped bases, these and other architectural features make it complicated to create profiles on which to place the anti-flooding bulkheads.

Furthermore, the historical value of these assets prevents us from intervening and correcting the structure of the building and it is not even possible to apply permanent metal profiles to create regular support surfaces; the protections, once removed, must leave no trace.

Acquastop ® has always stood out for its ability to seek effective solutions in situations where the need to protect the building had to overcome technical and aesthetic difficulties to safeguard the building itself, we have made numerous historic buildings safe in full compliance with the regulations existing for these particular structures.

To solve complex cases we made use of modern technologies; thanks to the use of laser equipment and dedicated software, we carry out extremely precise surveys of the profiles of the columns and the architectural elements that characterize the entrances.

The digital mapping of the profiles therefore allows us to create support structures that adapt perfectly to the building, guaranteeing resistance from lateral infiltrations, even in the event of strong pressure. These supports, necessary for positioning the bulkheads, are removable and are removed together with the barriers at the end of the emergency.

These completely customized interventions are carried out on the basis of inspections and feasibility projects, the anti-flooding bulkheads themselves are created to the exact size of each specific entrance, so as to perfectly cover each compartment.

For the anti-flooding protection of historic and valuable structures we usually use Acquastop Classic ® anti-flooding bulkheads , extremely flexible high-quality aluminum barriers which, in addition to their great sealing capacity, are appreciated for their ease of handling and ease of positioning.

The Classic ® bulkheads are characterized by EasyStop®, the system designed and patented by Acquastop ® which simplifies the placement and removal of the protection. Once placed on one side of the opening, this mechanism allows the barrier to unfold by acting on a lever and cover the entire opening of the compartment, correctly compressing the seals.

Thanks to its lightness and easy positioning system, it is possible to place many bulkheads in a short time, quickly securing the entire building.

In many ancient buildings there are basement or underground rooms , in these cases bulkheads capable of completely closing the accesses are used, also made to the precise size of the access to be protected.

The satin finish, the corrugated front panel and the precise manufacturing make the Acquastop Classic ® bulkheads aesthetically pleasing and able to integrate with the construction without negatively affecting its beauty. With this in mind, it is also possible to finish the bulkheads in any colour.

This ability allows us to also intervene in the protection of private homes located in historic centres, buildings of great architectural value or luxury shops; situations bound by precise regulations, where the aesthetic aspect is fundamental and the impact on the building must be imperceptible.

Acquastop ® technicians are able to find solutions to complex problems, request an inspection by one of our qualified experts who will analyze the situation and develop a complete anti-flooding protection project,

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