Acquastop anti-flooding bulkheads to protect shopping centres, industries and warehouses.

Reading time: minutesBuildings such as warehouses, companies and shopping centers have numerous large and small entrances which each represent critical points subject to water ingress. Acquastop ® has created products capable of protecting each of these entrances. In this article we will present a summary of the main solutions.


From a structural point of view, buildings such as industrial warehouses and shopping centers present quite similar complexities but the different intended uses, activities carried out and types of people who frequent them can determine the choice of different solutions.

Carrying out anti-flooding projects for these buildings requires experience, as well as an overall protection perspective, very often particular problems are detected which can only be resolved thanks to customized solutions.

Common problems for large buildings
The protection of these buildings involves difficulties and technical problems that Acquastop ® products have largely eliminated, let’s quickly analyze some of the most common ones.

These structures are characterized by large entrances , the critical issues are not only found in the large entrance doors of the industrial warehouses, warehouses and large shops but also in the accesses to the company squares and car parks, whether they are at the level of the ground and underground. When the width of the flooding front is important, the problem that arises is the difficulty in managing large barriers , both for mobility and for the positioning operation.

These buildings also have many secondary entry points or emergency or service exits which, even if smaller in size, still represent risk points that must be made safe. In the presence of many accesses, positioning the entire complex of barriers to protect the fronts, large or small, can take a long time and involve several people .

Also considering the need to remove the bulkheads at the end of the emergency, the problem of the time required and the resources involved in making the building safe becomes particularly important for all structures located in areas subject to frequent flooding.

Another characteristic of these buildings is the presence of basement rooms used as car parks, warehouses, warehouses, or used to place machinery, uninterruptible power supplies and so on. These environments, due to their position below ground level, are exposed to the risk of total flooding . Finally, outside these complexes there are ventilation intakes, vents and drainage grates which represent critical points that can cause the entry of large quantities of water.


Acquastop Classic ® is a modern and high-performance line of barriers, perfect for effectively protecting structures of this kind.

These aluminum anti-flooding bulkheads are made to measure up to a length of 3 metres. If the width of the compartment exceeds these dimensions, several bulkheads are joined together by inserting removable section-breaking posts. In this way, very large flood fronts can be secured.

At the end of the emergency, the posts are also removed and the slit in the base is covered with an interlocking element without leaving a trace.

The advantages of the Classic bulkheads are found in the versatility and technical performance, the innovative feature of these barriers is that, resting directly on the frame, they do not require metal profiles or other permanent support elements, interventions that could damage the aesthetics of the building or cause an accident. In the case of off-axis, shaped frames or particular problems, ad hoc supports are created, which are also removable.

Another unique feature of this line is the simplicity of positioning allowed by EasyStop®, the system created by Acquastop which simplifies the placement of the protection. Once placed on one side of the opening, this patented mechanism allows the barrier to unfold by acting on a lever and cover the entire opening of the compartment, correctly compressing the seals.

The lightness of the barriers and the facilitated positioning system allow you to place many bulkheads in a short time and promptly secure the entire building.

Acquastop classic bulkhead

Acquastop classic bulkhead


Modular is the removable anti-flooding system with stackable slats with lateral guides. The slats are placed one on top of the other until the desired height is reached and thanks to the modularity in height it is possible to position the number of slats for the protection deemed necessary at the moment.

The Acquastop Modular line is designed to protect large flood fronts and the slat system allows the setting up of large barriers even by a single person. Finally, lateral compression levers ensure secure adhesion between the slats.

These anti-flooding bulkheads are created up to a maximum width of 350 centimeters (and a height of 220 centimeters); once this width is exceeded, several barriers are joined in series thanks to the insertion of removable section-breaking posts.

Acquastop modular bulkhead


Integra bulkheads are designed to protect those rooms which, due to their particular location, may suffer complete flooding . In this situation we find all the basement rooms, present both in commercial structures and in industrial warehouses, used as car parks or warehouses or exploited to place machinery of various kinds.

The Integra bulkheads are made to measure for the access to be protected and cover the entire area, hermetically closing the entrance to the room, they are positioned and removed like a normal anti-flooding barrier.

This line of bulkheads is also characterized by the EasyStop® facilitated positioning system described previously.

Integra bulkheads are also made in the Swing version . These special bulkheads are equipped with hinges and a lock that transforms them into real anti-flood doors , an ideal solution for permanently protecting rooms exposed to frequent flooding and which avoids the recurring positioning of the protections.

Acquastop bulkhead intact

Acquastop bulkhead intact

Integra bulkheads are also used to close all external openings that constitute dangerous water entry points such as basement windows, air vents and drainage grates. Reliable bulkheads with excellent pressure resistance, just think that tests carried out on a 100×205 centimeter bulkhead recorded a load of up to 4.9 T of water, practically like placing an elephant on top of it.

Acquastop bulkhead intact


Classic Swing ® is the solution created by Acquastop to permanently protect rooms and areas subject to frequent flooding. In fact, these are anti-flooding gates that avoid having to continuously position and remove the bulkheads.

Classic Swing gates are also equipped with the EasyStop ® device which, in addition to simplifying the opening and closing movement, allows the gate to open inwards, avoiding invading the space outside the property.

The gates are made with a single leaf up to a length of 3 metres, once this size is exceeded, or based on choices of practicality of use, the double leaf solution is adopted.


Protecta is the revolutionary Acquastop system that allows you to make a motorized shutter watertight .

This solution allows you to transform a new or existing motorized shutter into an anti-flooding bulkhead. The assembly of the hermetic elements of the kit is permanent and allows the shutter to perform the anti-flooding function every time it is in the closed position.

Acquastop protected bulkhead

Each line of Acquastop ® anti-flooding bulkheads has unique characteristics, designed to effectively respond to specific problems and needs.

Each access to the building presents different critical issues that must be analyzed and resolved individually but always with a view to a broader anti-flooding protection project, which therefore considers the complex of problems of the commercial or industrial structure.

It is therefore essential to always request an inspection by a qualified expert who will analyze the situation and develop a complete anti-flooding protection project. Acquastop technicians are trained and able to find solutions, standard or customized, even to complex problems.

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