Acquastop carries out a protection intervention on the Delhi metro

Reading time: minutesAcquastop, thanks to the Indian distributor Frontier Polymers, has carried out an anti-flooding protection intervention for the Delhi metro in India, making the Kashmere Gate metro station safe .


At the beginning of this year, some stations of the Chennai metro were protected , a complex intervention due to the large size of the openings to be protected and the position of the bulkheads, placed on the top of the access ramps to the gates.

This intervention is also the result of long preparation work, technical analysis and planning, as always happens with public supplies in India where the authorities are always very scrupulous.

Anti-flooding barriers from the Extesa Line were  also chosen for the Kashmere Gate station which, thanks to their adjustable width , allow flexibility in the construction of the installations. The considerable width of the accesses to be protected was covered by joining several barriers thanks to removable section-breaking posts.

Such important interventions require great professionalism and this makes us particularly proud of the partnership between our company and Yuvraj Singh, director of Frontier Polymers and Flood Barrier India.

Yuvraj brings with him over 20 years of experience, under his leadership Flood Barrier India has recorded constant growth, sought innovative solutions and carried out anti-flood protection interventions in many sectors, public and private structures, including airports and metro stations.

Each line of Acquastop® anti-flooding bulkheads has its own characteristics, designed to respond to specific problems, which is why it is essential to request an inspection by one of our qualified experts who will analyze the situation and propose the most appropriate solution, even in the presence of complex problems.

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