Acquastop Classic ® : the versatile line of anti-flooding bulkheads suitable for every need.

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The Acquastop Classic ® bulkhead represents a versatile and reliable solution for protecting residential, commercial and industrial buildings from potential flooding. Thanks to its flexibility and elegant design, it can be used in a wide range of situations and architectural contexts, offering an effective defense against water damage.



Acquastop Classic ® anti-flooding bulkheads are made to the exact size of the door frame, gate, gate or other frame to be protected. Acquastop ® anti-flooding consultants carry out inspections where the conditions of the building are verified, the type of risk is analyzed and the measurements necessary for the precise implementation of the protections are carried out. The height of the bulkheads is established based on the level and nature of flood risk to which the building is subjected.


Acquastop Classic ® anti-flooding bulkheads have demonstrated their reliability, adaptability and effectiveness in a wide range of situations, from the simplest applications for the protection of private homes to more complex scenarios such as subways, public areas and historic buildings of great value.

Anti-flooding protection for Residential Buildings: Ideal for protecting gates, doors, windows and garages of any home. It guarantees a safe barrier against water infiltration, preserving the internal environments.

Anti-flooding protection for Commercial Buildings: Used to protect the entrances to shops, shopping centers and offices, it represents a reliable defense against flooding, safeguarding the goods and people inside them. The high installation speed that characterizes this barrier allows many bulkheads to be positioned in a short time; a particularly advantageous aspect in the presence of numerous accesses as it reduces the overall time needed to secure the entire building.

Anti-flooding protection for Industrial Buildings: Classic bulkheads represent effective protection for industries and production plants, warehouses, logistics centers, processing and refining plants. They have also been successfully used to manage large volumes of water during maintenance interventions on purification plants. In the presence of large accesses, multiple bulkheads are joined thanks to the installation of removable section-breaking posts.

Anti-flooding protection for Sports Centres: Structures often located in areas subject to the risk of flooding can benefit from the protection provided by Classic® bulkheads, ideal for protecting sports facilities or gyms, changing rooms, technical rooms, paddle and tennis courts.

Anti-flooding protection for subways and trams: Classic® bulkheads have proven reliable and effective in protecting the entrances to the subways of large cities, in the underpasses of railway stations and city tramways. Thanks to their proven strength and sealing capacity, these bulkheads have proven their reliability even in demanding, high-risk situations.

Flood Protection Historic Buildings: Successfully used to protect historic buildings, churches, museums and monuments from potential flood damage. Thanks to the use of laser equipment and dedicated software, extremely precise surveys are carried out of the profiles of the columns and the architectural elements that characterize the entrances. Support structures are then created that adapt perfectly to the building, guaranteeing resistance from lateral infiltrations, even in the event of strong pressure. The supports are removed together with the barriers at the end of the emergency, without the need to carry out permanent interventions on the building.

Flood protection for public buildings: Applied to protect any type of building or public area from flooding.

Anti-flooding protection for public buildings



The Classic bulkhead is equipped with the EasyStop ® snap lock system , which allows for quick and safe installation of the barrier.

Bulkhead with quick application

EasyStop ® is a construction technology created by Acquastop ® that allows anyone to position the barrier quickly and correctly. The speed of positioning the barriers represents an important advantage in any context and is particularly useful for buildings with many entrances, situations in which the time factor represents an important element for the safety of the entire building.


Acquastop Classic ® bulkheads are the result of a design process that uses cutting-edge modeling technologies. This approach has allowed us to develop an advanced product from both a conceptual and technical point of view, guaranteeing a high level of precision and functionality.

Bulkheads with quick assembly system

In the design phase, every detail is verified, evaluating the critical issues and making the necessary improvements, to guarantee a final result that fully meets the parameters required by the surveys carried out.

Once this phase is complete, the project passes to the production department, where the bulkhead is made with the utmost precision and care.


The discreet design of the Classic bulkhead, with its wavy profile in satin aluminum, integrates with any architectural context, preserving the aesthetics of buildings. The bulkheads can be colored according to specific requests, harmonizing even better with the building or with the city architecture.

Some peculiarities, such as the plastic handle and the upper side highlighted by a red band, ensure safe and risk-free use.

Acquastop bulkheads


Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technologies aligned with the highest industrial standards, the Acquastop ® production area is the beating heart of a precise and efficient process. Here, highly specialized experts work to transform ideas into reality, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the final product.

Production, technology, precision and experience

Every stage of production is guided by scrupulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, giving our bulkheads a superior degree of precision and strength. The desire to innovate is the driving force that drives us to offer cutting-edge solutions, capable of protecting assets and guaranteeing people’s safety.


The high performance of Acquastop ® systems is the result of over twenty-five years of experience in the continuous search for improvement, which is why only Acquastop ® can offer a five-year guarantee on the Classic ® model .

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