Acquastop has been producing anti-flooding bulkheads in Pisa since 1992

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The online newspaper QuiNews dedicated an article to our company.
Water bombs and violent rainfall that quickly flood entire areas are now increasingly frequent in our areas too, as we saw last month with the flooding of the Arno river. Protecting structures has become a priority and today  anti-flooding systems are available on the market  capable of effectively protecting homes, shops, industries and historic buildings,  lightweight anti-flooding bulkheads  that anyone can position in a few seconds as soon as the need arises.
These innovative bulkheads are made in Valdera by  Acquastop , based in Perignano.

“We have been making  anti-flooding bulkheads  since 1992 – explains the owner  Costantino Trillo  – over the years we have constantly improved our products with the aim of restoring serenity to those who have suffered damage from flooding at home or in the company and guaranteeing everyone the safety of being able to protect themselves from these events” .

The Acquastop anti-flooding bulkheads are the only ones on the market with  the patented EasyStop system , an exclusive technical solution that allows you to position the bulkhead quickly and correctly and remove it with the same ease. The installation therefore does not require the introduction of permanent metal elements which can represent potential dangers and sacrifice the aesthetics of homes, valuable structures or historic buildings.

“Our systems – Trillo explained to us – are able to secure private homes, shops of any size, shopping centres, industrial complexes but also large public spaces such as the case of the Canal Port of Cervia or the headquarters of the Chamber of Business on the Arno river in Florence. Many requests – added the owner – also come to us from the Venice area, especially after the previous more intense floods, but those who live in that area are usually more used to living with them than those who live here where even a few centimeters of water creates damage and inconvenience”

The Acquastop company has had exponential growth and today has a network of  over 200 authorized resellers  throughout Italy and distribution networks in twelve EU countries, Southeast Asia and the United States.

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