Acquastop protects the Indian metro in Chennai from flooding.

Reading time: minutesChennai  is a city in India, the capital of the Chennai district in the federal state of Tamil Nadu, of which it is the capital. Acquastop , through the Indian distributor Frontier Polymers , has ensured the safety of some subway lines in the city.


The anti-flooding intervention was carried out in January 2022, overcoming various complexities due to the large size of the openings to be protected, as well as the positioning of the bulkheads on the top of the access ramps to the gates.

To overcome the lack of lateral supports, special stainless steel lateral panels were designed and produced to support the bulkheads and prevent water from entering the sides of the access.

Other bulkheads have been installed to protect the elevators. The same are positioned using the special “Tinz” corners, special removable supports that can be placed at the time of the weather alert and do not require drilling the walls (in this case granite).

The intervention was carried out with great professionalism by our Indian distributor Frontier Polymers under the direction of Yuvraj Singh Ahuja, the close collaboration between the Acquastop technical office and our partner allowed the study of customized solutions and the consequent production of elements on measurement, specific to this project.

The products supplied are part of the Extesa Line , the line of Acquastop anti-flooding barriers with adjustable width which, thanks to their flexibility, allow quick and precise installation. The barriers were equipped with accessories and section-breaking posts, necessary for joining multiple barriers to protect large openings.


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