Anti-flooding bulkheads that are simple and quick to position, thanks to the EasyStop system!

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Acquastop is a company specialized in the design and construction of anti-flooding bulkheads. However, the challenge that the company faces is not only that of making buildings safe from floods but the search for innovative “smart” solutions , practical and intelligent systems that allow you to quickly and easily position the protections when needed.


Not all barriers on the market are easy to manage but we must consider that the conditions we find ourselves in when the need to place protections arises are never ideal. It is possible, in fact, that there is little time available because perhaps the flooding has already started, or that at that time the lighting is poor, or that at that moment there is only one person in the house, perhaps a boy or a elderly, and therefore the bulkhead must be positioned alone, without help.

In practice these aspects are fundamental if we want the bulkheads to be positioned and removed regularly, also for precautionary purposes, especially if the weather alarms are prolonged.

Acquastop has improved its products precisely from this perspective, creating the most practical and manageable bulkheads on the market today.

The evolution of the product is mainly reflected in the creation of a particular mechanism that simplifies the positioning   of the bulkhead . This patented system is called EasyStop and allows the barrier, once placed on one side of the opening, to extend, covering the entire opening of the compartment, correctly compressing the seals.

The bulkhead has a tilting final section, the particular rotation system allows the complete distension of the bulkhead until the automatic lock is released, which guarantees the correct crushing of the gaskets ensuring water tightness.


The patented Easystop system clearly simplifies the positioning operation and the lightness of the Acquastop aluminum bulkheads allows anyone to apply the barrier when needed. The mechanism also allows the bulkhead to be removed with the same ease, to be stored away ready for the next use.

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