Anti-flooding intervention in a purifier for the purification of water.

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Allowing the maintenance of the decanted water collection channel without interrupting the production of drinking water, a delicate and complex intervention carried out by the Belgian company Point Technique at the pumping stations of the Eupen dam of the Société Wallone des Eaux (SWDE).

The collection channel has a diameter of 52m, is 82cm wide by 120cm high and is divided into 12 recovery areas. The collected water is sent to sand filters, then to nano filtration and finally to sterilization via UV and chlorine, before finally being released into the distribution network.

The challenge taken up by the company was to allow maintenance activities on the purifier without interrupting the production flow , allowing each section to be isolated individually. In practice, 11 out of 12 sections of the system remain operational at all times, even during maintenance operations.

Repair operations are also envisaged for each section which require the presence of technicians inside the transversal cavities that separate the adjacent watertight compartments.

The intervention posed various problems, one of the most important is represented by the fact that, depending on the section to be drained, the water to be contained can come from one side or the other of the bulkheads, furthermore the width of the channel is not identical along its length but presents more or less significant variations.

To respond to these problems, Acquastop Classic® barriers were used positioned on a “U” frame with a “T” section, which allows the positioning of the bulkheads both on the “right and left” of the dam (whereas a modular dam would have required the installation of 2 sets of side rails).

The walls of the canal were modified to position the frames (planing, cleaning, possibly purging when the width was less than that of the frame).

The first bulkheads were installed for testing prior to full-scale installation.
To date they have demonstrated their ability to effectively contain a water height of 1200 mm by 820 mm wide , with great customer satisfaction.

Fabrice Poncelet   is the owner of the Belga Point Technique srl company , a historic Acquastop® partner known for the professionalism and technical capabilities demonstrated in many anti-flooding protection interventions (such as the protection of the sports center of the FC Bande football club ).

The Classic® series anti-flooding bulkheads are versatile and offer high performance, functional and quick-to-apply barriers, designed to protect any home, company or other type of structure from flooding.

Each line of Acquastop® anti-flooding bulkheads has its own characteristics, designed to effectively respond to specific problems and needs. Request an inspection by one of our qualified experts who will analyze the situation and propose the most appropriate solution, even in the presence of technical or aesthetic problems. details.

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