Extesa, the professional solution for those looking for a “do-it-yourself” anti-flooding bulkhead

Reading time: minutesExtesa is the Acquastop professional anti-flooding bulkhead with adjustable width and “Do It Yourself” installation. Adjusting the bulkhead is simple, can be done in a short time and does not require the intervention of professionals or specialized installers.


A “do it yourself” anti-flooding bulkhead that is easy to assemble

Today there are many people who are looking for solutions to the problem of flooding even with “do it yourself” systems. Bulkheads made with wooden planks fixed with silicone or sealed with neoprene strips, or made of metal to prevent infiltrations… In any case the construction is rather laborious, positioning and removal are not practical maneuvers, but above all the effectiveness of the barrier is not it is by no means guaranteed.

Acquastop has designed a product that combines the needs of those who want to create a bulkhead themselves while maintaining the characteristics of a professional anti-flooding barrier , i.e. light, reliable and simple to position.

Acquastop Extesa is an innovative anti-flooding bulkhead characterized by a mechanism that allows you to adjust its width . This exclusive and patented solution allows the bulkhead to adapt perfectly to the dimensions of the compartment of any door, gate, shutter or other frame. In this way it is possible to purchase the bulkhead and adjust it in a short time without the intervention of professionals or specialized installers.

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Ready to assemble whenever and however you want

Acquastop Extesa is a professional anti-flooding bulkhead, light to position and remove because it is made of aluminium. It guarantees excellent resistance to flooding and does not require guides and fixed elements , fixing holes, pillars and masonry works. Extesa rests directly on the existing wall close to the frame and is able to protect entrances from 70cm to 300cm wide up to 140cm high . Extesa represents the ideal solution for safeguarding homes, garages, estates, shops, restaurants, gyms and any private or public building.

Acquastop Extesa can be applied as soon as the need arises by anyone thanks to the exclusive EasyStop system which allows you to position the bulkhead quickly and correctly. The particular patented rotation and locking system allows the bulkhead to be relaxed and the gaskets to be crushed, ensuring water tightness.

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