How to choose the right anti-flooding bulkhead for your needs

Reading time: minutesIf you want to protect your home or business from extreme weather events, you may have considered installing flood barriers. However, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. In this article we will explore the different types of bulkheads produced by Acquastop ® and guide you in choosing the most suitable solution for your needs.


Before proceeding with the choice of an anti-flooding bulkhead, it is essential to conduct a careful analysis of the conditions . Here are some tips to guide you on this journey:

Number and Size of Openings: Consider the number and size of openings you want to protect. This includes doors, windows, garage entrances and additional perimeter openings such as vents or basement windows. Take measurements of each opening to get an approximate cost estimate for installing the necessary bulkheads.

Risk Level : Investigate the level of risk of flooding in your area. Please consult flood risk maps provided by local authorities or your planning consultant to better understand the potential danger. Also consider the history of flooding in your area and recent extreme weather events. This assessment will help determine the height and strength of the bulkheads.

Sources of Danger : Examine sources of danger in your area. Are there any nearby rivers, streams or lakes that could flood during heavy rains or extreme weather events? Is your home located in a coastal area prone to flooding? By identifying the nature of the threats you will be able to better understand the type of protection you need.

Structural Conditions of the Building : Evaluate the condition of the walls supporting the fixtures. Are they intact and free of significant damage? Make sure there is no damage or deformation that could compromise the effectiveness of the bulkheads by allowing infiltration from the side or bottom area of ​​the barrier. Carry out a thorough inspection to identify any points on which to intervene with masonry works.

Accessibility and Functionality : Consider the functionality and use of the various accesses, if you are protecting a company or a home with elderly or disabled people, make sure that the chosen solution is easy to install and does not create excessive hindrance or particular complications for the residents, guaranteeing the at the same time the safety of all occupants.


Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​your needs and the level of flooding risk in your area you can evaluate the different lines of anti-flooding bulkheads offered by Acquastop ® . However, choosing the right bulkhead can be a challenging task, bulkheads are particular technical products and, for those who are not experts in the sector, they may all seem similar; this is why we are here to guide you through this selection and better understand our production. Our lines of bulkheads are designed to suit a variety of needs and situations, ensuring maximum flood protection.

  1. Classic ® : Versatile and reliable line of bulkheads, ideal for protecting any building: residential, commercial or industrial. These barriers are made to the exact size of the entrance to be protected and are characterized by the Easystop ® snap lock positioning system, which allows anyone to position the bulkhead quickly and correctly.
  2. Extesa ® : The only “adjustable width” anti-flooding bulkhead on the market, offering flexibility and ease of use. Calibrating the bulkhead is simple and quick, Extesa ® is the ideal product for those who want a do-it-yourself solution.

  1. Swing ® : Line of anti-flooding doors and gates that guarantees permanent protection of the premises, avoiding the need to position and remove the bulkheads repeatedly. The Swing line represents the ideal solution for places subject to recurring flooding or for buildings inhabited by the elderly or disabled.

  1. Integra ® : Line of bulkheads designed to cover entire access areas, such as cellars or basement rooms. It offers complete and hermetic protection, suitable for cases where flooding reaches high water levels, guaranteeing the safety of internal spaces.
  2. Modular ® : Line of bulkheads with “stackable slats” and lateral guides, Modular is ideal for protecting any type of building, even in the presence of large flooding fronts. The stackable slat system allows you to adjust the height of the barrier according to your needs and, thanks to the possibility of mounting one slat at a time, it also allows a single person to install the desired protection.


The choice of the right bulkhead depends on the correct evaluation of all the factors linked to each specific situation. Through the analysis of conditions, context and needs, our Consultants are ready to advise you on the most valid solution.

Each access has different characteristics and functions, which is why it is possible that the overall protection of the building requires the use of a mix of products, each designed and calibrated for the specific entrance.

Acquastop ® Anti-flooding Consultants are experts in dealing with challenges related to flooding, they can provide you with solutions for the most common situations or study customized solutions to solve even the most complex problems.

Request the intervention of an Acquastop ® Anti-flooding Consultant today .

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